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Witch of the Lunar Order
Book 1: The Lunar Order Chronicles
New Adult Urban Fantasy

Exile or forfeit my magic. Not the choices I expected after graduating university.

An unstable magic surges through my veins, and it’s growing harder to suppress. Desperate to save my powers, I moved to the big city to hunt for a cure and escape the witches who would strip away my magic.

After stealing an ancient codex—blame the magical fox—I discover a potion recipe that offers a chance to learn control. The allure of mastering my magic is tempting. A little sip won’t hurt, right? But when I rush to aid my wounded friend, dark creatures ambush us. I unleash my magic, saving our lives and almost destroying the street.

Barista in the morning and alchemist by night. I’m just trying to make ends meet. But a hidden danger stalks the shadows and I fear it's drawn to my new magic. Hunted by demonspawn, nephilim and dark magic, I must decide what I will sacrifice to hold on to my dreams. Will embracing this new power save my future or destroy it?

If you like fast-paced Urban Fantasy with a strong heroine, heart pounding action, found family and a dash of humor, then you’ll love Witch of the Lunar Order.

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Coming Soon

The Rune-Forged: Awakening

A mercenary desperate for freedom. Calisto Fortis is trapped between two lives and yet neither are her own. 

Hunted by her former master, Calisto knows that her time is running out. She must earn her freedom before she is magically bound to him again, only this time there will be no escape.

Accepting a dangerous mission that would earn enough coin to repay her debt, Calisto and her mercenary band return to the Scarred Lands where void and chaos magic sunder the earth.

Calisto will do whatever it takes to complete this mission but what is she willing to sacrifice for it? 

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Praise & Reviews

This is the making of cult classic fantasy fiction. People will write fanfiction about this book

--Jennifer J. Coldwater, author of Holland, My Heart

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About S.F Henne

Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Sarah swapped beaches for the ski slopes of Whistler, B.C and started her adventure. Now residing in Washington State with her husband, daughter and lab Luna, she embarked on the next part of her story telling the tales that have been rattling around her head for years. 

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