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S.F. Henne's Biography


Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Sarah swapped beaches for the ski slopes of Whistler, B.C and started her adventure. Now residing in Washington State with her husband and daughter, she embarked on the next part of her story: telling the tales that have been rattling around her head for years. 


Brought up watching Star Wars and playing video games she was too young for, it was not until all ill-fated Battlestar Galactic episode that annoyed Sarah and her sister enough to make them want to write their own stories. But it was not until Sarah was trapped at home with a newborn and a global pandemic that she finally decided write them down. And so the Rune-Forged Warriors were born. 

Then along came the Inkfort Publishing Derby in June 2023 and turned her life upside-down. Given a cover, title, and penname, Sarah spent the next four months as Tara Davis writing "Witch of the Lunar Order" not once, but twice. While the cover was not her normal genre it stuck with her and one night Nyssa popped into her head. A young witch with problematic magic who discovers a love for baking. Once Nyssa started telling her story, she never stopped. And before Sarah was even assigned the cover, a sprawling world and an idea for a full Urban Fantasy series had been created.

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