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The Last Lunar Witch

Book 1: The Lunar Order Chronicles

I only wanted to control my magic, but a single potion catapulted my life into chaos…

I’m Nyssa Thornheart, a witch with broken magic. I escaped to the big city to pursue my passion for alchemy, and hide from my coven until I fix my powers.

If my unstable gifts are exposed, they will be stripped away. To live without magic, that’s a fate worse than death. So I drank a long-forgotten potion in a desperate bid to harness my volatile powers.

But when I’m cornered by thugs, I unleash a rare and dangerous magic, tearing the veil between our world and a demonic realm. My new powers are growing stronger and resist every attempt to subdue them.

Now I’m a hunted witch, pursued by both demonic creatures and authorities determined to protect our realm from the threat I pose.

Can I master my magic, or will I have to sacrifice my powers before the city falls to demons?


For fans of Heather G. Harris and Lindsay Buroker, The Last Lunar Witch is the first book in the Lunar Order Chronicles. An urban fantasy series filled with strong women, found family, inner growth, and cozy vibes mixed with heart-pounding action. Dive into S.F. Henne’s gripping adventure now!

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Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Rune-Forged:
Awakening (2025)  

Book 1

A mercenary desperate for freedom. Calisto Fortis is trapped between two lives and yet neither are her own. 

Hunted by her former master, Calisto knows that her time is running out. She must earn her freedom before she is magically bound to him again, only this time there will be no escape.

Accepting a dangerous mission that would earn enough coin to repay her debt, Calisto and her mercenary band return to the Scarred Lands where void and chaos magic sunder the earth.

Calisto will do whatever it takes to complete this mission but what is she willing to sacrifice for it? 

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