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Book Review: The Courier Quest by Flossindune

A Cozy Isekai LitRPG

Stand alone book

Trevor was your typical overworked retail employ, that was until he was Summoned to a new world after an accident. Blundering his way through the random questions that pop up while he is disembodied in psychedelic space, Trevor arrives in this new fantasy as a human with the power of inventory. But he takes everything in stride and decided to enjoy this little break the universe has given him.

While this is listed as a cozy litRPG, it’s also a romantsy. It sounds like a very odd mix of genres but it works oh so well. Trevor is a cinnamon roll and just wants to help other people out, but he learns a lot about taking care of himself and being selfish every now and again. As this is a cozy all of the stakes are about personal growth and it was really lovely to watch all of the characters grow. Sometimes it’s nice just to see people being genuine and honest, not to worry about bad things happening. This book easily swept me away to this idyllic world.

Though this is a “real world” the Summoned have stat points and levels like a litRPG, and all of that grow was intwined with the story. Trevor just wants to be the best damn messenger boy he can, though I will admit I kind of did want to see him weaponize his power of inventory because it sounded hilarious. But at least we get a shark girl who’s power is to summon fish and use them as weapons.

All round this was a delightful read. If you are looking for something that is laid back, character driven, with many moments that will make you laugh and smile then you will enjoy this book. Side note: This is the first litRPG I have read and I know that it is not the norm for this genre but I loved it. Even with little knowledge of litRPG or games in general I think that any reader would be able to understand that element of the story.

Will it make you cry? No, though it does tug on the heart strings

Romance? YES! And as this is a cozy the most you will get is a kiss

Humor? Yes, there is lots of humor from snarky Quest Master’s who throw in some sass to your quest text, to a gungho Texan with too many Earth inside jokes.

YA/NA? This one could vary - I think New Adult or Adult though it could be read by all ages.

Fight Scenes? Yes there are several sword fights, though they were a bit bland for me

Soft/Hard magic? Hard - this works like a RPG so everything is bound by rules

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